Madeleine Reptile Birthday Party


Reptile Birthday Party

The birthday girl, Zinou, and her friends had a blast at her reptile birthday party in New York.

Zinou thanked me for the best birthday party she had ever had!


Rhonda and Igor


Kati Perry Reptile Party

Kati Perry had her reptile birthday party in Pittsfield, MA on November 28th.  The kids were 13-14 years old and had a blast.  Here are a few professional  portraits and a candid shot.


Danny Trejo Having Fun With Kobe, Chiffon, Sweet Pea, and Me

Danny Trejo- I had the privilege of meeting Danny Trejo who has acted in countless movies and TV shows .  Although he usually plays a bad guy, he is actually very nice and personable.

Well known actor from Machete, From Dusk till Dawn, Predators, Six Days and Seven Nights,  Necessary Evil and many more.

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